If segregation didn’t exist and my intentions this past week

If segregation didn’t exist i think there wouldn’t be any slavery and that some people kind of looked a like each other.My intentions this past week that i completed is to go grass sliding with Seanus and Dyson it was really fun excepted when i fell in the hole and it really really hurt. ¬†go to the beach and swim in my mermaid tail and to blog and to do my homework and to play cards and to bring lunch.





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what i did this week

This is what i did this week so i went snorkeling went swimming and i watch all 4 movies of pirates of the Caribbean and i built a huge sandcastle with Seamus Dyson and then we all jumped on it and i had a blast and i also saw the new huger games with my mom and i thought it was really good and i vised my sister Sophia and i played forbidden island and sushi go

what a new year is like

during the new year my dad got me a new hover bored for Christmas but i accidentally road my hover bored into the water and it caught on fire and my dad used 4 fire extinguisher to blow it out and so i am trying not to do it again and dad said to me that you learn from your mistakes.this year i also just finished my book on the banks of plum creek and i feel really proud of my self because my mom said she thinks the have finished that book in like a week or ten day or something like that and the book was 349 pages and so last night i started the next book on the shore of silver lake at least i think that is what it is called.