what 20015 has been like for me

20015 was really fun and fantastic and i did a lot of things this year and i cant wait tell it is a new year so I can do lot of more fun things like meet new people  and see new thing and do new things and I think it is going to be a lot of fun and i am going to try to accomplish my goals and have fun.


my goals

  • to finish my scarf
  •  have a conversation in mandarin
  • ride a horse
  • hold my breath for a longer time
  • to be in a play
  • to start a garden

what I did This past weekend and my Dreams

This past weekend it was my birthday party and I invited 3 of my best friends and there names were Holly,Cameron and Victoria and they  all slept and then we went to see the good dinosaur and then we went to the pool and then we went to a restaurant and we all ate and then there parents picked them up.3 of my dreams are  to learn how to speak mandarin and to finish my scarf and last but not least is to ski dive.