New food that i tried and what i am interested in and what i am working on.

I tried a new food that was a breakfast sandwich.It was from a cafe next door.I am interested in my birthday because i am going to be 11 really really soon!!!!!! and i am really excited because all my best friends are going to be there!and my mom is going to get pizza so we all can eat it and we are going to go swimming and go to the movies and it is a sleep over party! and my friends can see pet cat his name is Teddy and he is really fluffy and cute!!! I am working on a garden project with my mom a and we are going build a garden and hopefully a aquaponics.We are going to plant vegetables and fruit.

my favorite thing and the the thing i have been working on

my favorite thing I did last week is go surfing and swimming.I have been spending a lot of time on homework and surfing.I am reading the book little house on the prairie its a cool book and the characters from the book is Mary Laura Ma and Pa and baby Carrie and jack the dog and the two horses Pet and Patty and a little horse. They built  a house on the prairie and lived in it.THE END