things i have been looking forward to

I have been looking forward to going to summer school and making new friends and i think i am going to have a fun time there.I also have been looking forward to having Teddy come back from New York it hasn’t been the same with out him.I also am looking forward to all the fun things i am going to this summer…..i wonder what i am going to do this summer anyway but i hope it is fun!!!

what it was like for me here

It has been really great here making new friends and doing fun stuff like going to the beach and going to the ice palace and making cool stuff and playing fun games and eating new stuff.I am now leaving to go to New York for my grandpa because he is really sick.Me and Sophia and mom and Teddy are going to New York and i am really excited because it is my first time flying on the plane with my cat Teddy and guess what he is flying in the cabin with me or you could say flying in the seat with me but anyway i am also excited about seeing grandpa and all of my cousins and am really excited about being in the cold and mom said that i could sky maybe on the lake.Anyway it has been really great here and this is going to be my last blog with ALC.

If segregation didn’t exist and my intentions this past week

If segregation didn’t exist i think there wouldn’t be any slavery and that some people kind of looked a like each other.My intentions this past week that i completed is to go grass sliding with Seanus and Dyson it was really fun excepted when i fell in the hole and it really really hurt.  go to the beach and swim in my mermaid tail and to blog and to do my homework and to play cards and to bring lunch.





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what i did this week

This is what i did this week so i went snorkeling went swimming and i watch all 4 movies of pirates of the Caribbean and i built a huge sandcastle with Seamus Dyson and then we all jumped on it and i had a blast and i also saw the new huger games with my mom and i thought it was really good and i vised my sister Sophia and i played forbidden island and sushi go

what a new year is like

during the new year my dad got me a new hover bored for Christmas but i accidentally road my hover bored into the water and it caught on fire and my dad used 4 fire extinguisher to blow it out and so i am trying not to do it again and dad said to me that you learn from your mistakes.this year i also just finished my book on the banks of plum creek and i feel really proud of my self because my mom said she thinks the have finished that book in like a week or ten day or something like that and the book was 349 pages and so last night i started the next book on the shore of silver lake at least i think that is what it is called.

what 20015 has been like for me

20015 was really fun and fantastic and i did a lot of things this year and i cant wait tell it is a new year so I can do lot of more fun things like meet new people  and see new thing and do new things and I think it is going to be a lot of fun and i am going to try to accomplish my goals and have fun.


my goals

  • to finish my scarf
  •  have a conversation in mandarin
  • ride a horse
  • hold my breath for a longer time
  • to be in a play
  • to start a garden

what I did This past weekend and my Dreams

This past weekend it was my birthday party and I invited 3 of my best friends and there names were Holly,Cameron and Victoria and they  all slept and then we went to see the good dinosaur and then we went to the pool and then we went to a restaurant and we all ate and then there parents picked them up.3 of my dreams are  to learn how to speak mandarin and to finish my scarf and last but not least is to ski dive.

New food that i tried and what i am interested in and what i am working on.

I tried a new food that was a breakfast sandwich.It was from a cafe next door.I am interested in my birthday because i am going to be 11 really really soon!!!!!! and i am really excited because all my best friends are going to be there!and my mom is going to get pizza so we all can eat it and we are going to go swimming and go to the movies and it is a sleep over party! and my friends can see pet cat his name is Teddy and he is really fluffy and cute!!! I am working on a garden project with my mom a and we are going build a garden and hopefully a aquaponics.We are going to plant vegetables and fruit.